Zope Bible
This comprehensive Bible for Web Developers, Web Architects, and Content Managers covers everything you need to build Web sites with Zope, the Open Source Web application platform.
Herausgeber: John Wiley & Sons; Book and CD-ROM edition; 01.04.2002 , Version: ISBN: 0764548573
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Python Essential Reference
For anyone who programs in Python, David M. Beazley's Python Essential Reference, Second Edition will serve as a capable and exceptionally competent guide to current Python syntax and library modules. Concise, yet authoritative, this book sets a high standard as a one-volume reference to this object-oriented programming language.
Herausgeber: New Riders Publishing; 07.06.2001 , Version: ISBN: 0735710910 (2nd edition)
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Zope Quick Reference
DTML, Object Reference and Zope General Information.
Herausgeber: Digital Creations: Brian Hooper, David Kankiewicz, Evelyn Mitchell, Stephan Richter; 21.12.1999 , Version: 0.8
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Zope Document Template Markup Language Reference
Provides a reference dictionary for the many DTML tags available in Zope and helps programmers in understanding how to implement DTML. Describes syntax of DTML tags in detail and provides a number of simple examples of document template source texts.
Herausgeber: Digital Creations; 17.12.1999 , Version: 2.1.0
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Z SQL Methods User's Guide
Z SQL Methods provide access to relational and external databases from Zope. Database queries and commands can be used to publish relational data, collect and store data in relational databases, and create complex web-deployed database applications.
Herausgeber: Digital Creations; 30.09.1999 , Version: 1.10
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