The button links to the actual installation package for free download by (tar.gz-Archiv, ca. 1.2Mb). Further you find the accessory installation instructions for the system software windows (98, NT, 2000) and Linux in the documents "Win32" or "Linux".

Recently the download package contains also templates sets with prepared templates which you can adapt easily for your individual site.

Note: Before the ZMS update the workflow should be switched off; before copying the new ZMS product folder it is basically recommendable to archive a backup of the ZMS instance in form of a ZEXP file.

Licence model: ZMS requires the open source application server Zope as a technical prerequisite; Zope is not part of the ZMS distribution package, but is delivered via the Zope website or several Linux distributions. The ZMS package contains the following free third party components; please respect the license conditions of these components if using them not with ZMS.

ZMS logo for your own website

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