After you start Zope by calling the starting script in the ./bin folder of the Zope instance (1), one can request the Zope Web-GUI (2) via http://localhost:8080 and initialize ZMS as a "product" (3). Thus the web-based publishing environment is ready for content production.


For busy readers

If a standard Python environment is working on your computer, go easy from Python Script Folder easy_install on. Then you create a Zope instance:

D:\data\virtpy\Scripts>easy_install Products.ZMS


Installation in Detail

ZMS is a Python software, so be on the computer first Python to be installed. Recommended versions are 2.6 or 2.7. The Python installer exist for all major operating systems. Prerequisite for the ZMS-Installtion is the presence of a typical Python installation environment, which is produced in three steps:

  1. Python installing
  2. Setuptools installeding: the setuptools Python module provides the easy_install ready to install Python packages directly to you from the Web)
  3. Virtualenv installing: the virtualenv python module generates a mirrored, additional "virtual" Python environment based on the primary Python installation. In this virtual environment you can then run your own Python applications. The virtual environment   can be deleted at any time, without affecting the primary Python installation would be affected.

In the following the complete installation on a Windows workstation will be illustrated:  

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