Even for a small site with 5 to 100 pages the application of ZMS is efficient. Nevertheless the most important advantage of ZMS reveals when the content quantities increase slowly. ZMS offers an optimal support in the content maintenance. The sites edited with ZMS correspond to the actual W3C recommendations and are therefore well prepared e.g. for the investigations with search engines.
Through the multilingualism and the corresponding workflow mechanisms ZMS optimally supports the structure of multilingual sites.
Through the XML import interface sites of middle size with e.g. 1.000 documents can also be structured very easily with ZMS.
Typically the following input scenarios are taken into consideration:

  • company homepage (hospitals, institutes, publishing companies, small/middle size companies)
  • federations, communities of interest
  • international projects (science, development aid, product presentations)

Furthermore ZMS allows the easy construction of varied instances on their particular computer or ZOPE installation so that for example diverse topic, office, or product websites can be administrated efficiently.

Erstellt von: Dr. Frank Hoffmann , HOFFMANN+LIEBENBERG , erstellt am:  2008/06/27 , zuletzt geändert: 2016/03/08