Accessing the editorial interface; contents appear as sequence of objects (text, image, file etc.). The sitemap allows a fast navigation within the content tree. The complete management takes place in the web-browser.


Editing is most simple by use of forms. If required wysiwyg-editors may be integrated, too.


All content objects can be described with metadata through the menue 'Properties'.


The metadata can quickly be adjusted to own requirements per click-interface.


Customized content structures (so-called 'special objects') may easily be combined per click and can enhance the content model as required; the system generates an automatic input interface for the editor for his own content objekts.


From ZMS 2.1 on the workflow can be freely defined; all configurations may be exported as XML-files and imorted as configuration files into any other ZMS instances.


With the filter configuation ZMS contents can be transformed e.g. as output for print production (DTP).


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