HOFFMANN+LIEBENBERG designs publishing environments with the sound experience of numerous online projects where open-source as well as commercial systems have been used. Many aspects of the CMS model of HOFFMANN+LIEBENBERG have been integrated in the development of ZMS claiming to create an efficient alternative to commercial systems for the SME segment.
However, for certain eBusiness use cases commercial high-end CMS systems still provide essential advantages (regarding integration, performance, support etc.); here the CMS model of HOFFMANN+LIEBENBERG is helpful for concepting software systems common in the market or optimizing already existing solutions; target is to shorten project run times, to optimize the operational efficiency and to enhance the safety of the investment.

The CMS model of HOFFMANN+LIEBENBERG brings providers of commercial CM systems an increase in productivity of their professional customers and multiplyers. HOFFMANN+LIEBENBERG analyses and optimises usability and modeling regarding the focussed branch Medicine/STM-Publishing.

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