Procedure model for the setup of a ZMS website.

The Professional Services qualify business clients to apply the ZMS framework efficiently. No matter if it concerns the development of a business strategy, the structure of an ASP service or a concrete project action, the consultants of HOFFMANN+LIEBENBERG offer an excellent expertise acquired through long-standing experience in the field of electronic publication and in the structure of online services. A good concept is always the basis for a successful project and is highly cost-saving in the realisation. The performances in particular:

  • Conception
  • Project management
  • Coaching/quality assurance
  • Development
  • Documentation
  • Update Service
  • Migration

Points of departure for the ZMS project strategy: Time-to-market, external and internal project costs, service use, usability/acceptance, quality of the working results which are to produce, efficiency of the working processes. Out of the objectives of the business strategy, a project strategy can be derived which optimises the presented bases in different measures or for different progress time points in the field of a project evolution.

Talk about professional services with Dr. F. Hoffmann, HOFFMANN+LIEBENBERG.

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